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How to Choose Asphalt Tank for Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Mar 25, 2020

The selection of asphalt tanks must meet the needs of continuous production of the hot mix asphalt plant. At the same time, it also needs to avoid excessive investment, causing waste and increasing costs. It should be reasonably determined according to the needs of the hot mix plant.

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Assume that the daily production amount m (t) of the mobile asphalt mixing plant is m = P • h • k = 80 × 10 × 5% = 40.

In the formula, P -the upper limit production capacity of asphalt concrete mixing equipment(t / h), k -the asphalt content, its value is generally 2.5% -8%, the constant value is 5%, h-daily working hours(here is 10 hours).

Then total asphalt storage M is :M = A • m = 3 × 40 = 120 t. In this formula, A is storage coefficient and A> 1. This value can be appropriately reduced when the transport distance is short and the vehicle capacity is sufficient.

After the total amount of asphalt storage is determined, the selection principles of the number and size of asphalt tanks are that they should be suitable for the layout and installation of the portable asphalt plant. The production capacity of high-temperature asphalt tanks should meet the needs of continuous asphalt production.

From the above discussion, it is not difficult to find that the selection of asphalt tank needs rigorous calculation. This requires rich experience of the professional people. When you plan to buy a mobile asphalt mixing plant or stationary one, welcome to consult Haomei Machinery.

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