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How to Improve Efficiency of Hot Asphalt Plant

Mar 26, 2020

A high efficient hot asphalt plantwill save a lot of money and shorten the construction period. How to improve the efficiency of the whole plant? There are four tips for you.

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The firs step is to strengthen the quality management of the raw material. It is a key factor for the asphalt mixing process. Therefore, the purchase of raw material must be in accordance with the methods of bidding.

The second step is to improve the storage environment. It is to harden the site where raw materials are stored in advance, and pave supporting drainage facilities to facilitate the storage work. In addition, it should be noted that the aggregates of different specifications must be separated by storage walls.

To ensure the storage and heating safety of asphalt, pay attention to fire prevention and leakage, and properly heat according to the requirements of construction technical specifications.

The next step the operator should stress is to ensure the proper mix ratio. Only in accordance with the appropriate mix ratio, can the appropriate amount of asphalt be given in the production process of the hot mix asphalt plant,so as to determine the proportion of the ingredients of each specification bin.

Timely adjust the primary mixing ratio according to the different characteristics of the raw materials to ensure the stability and continuity of the mixing production.

The last place the operator should stress is the size of the screen hole of the screen, inclination angle and vibrating frequency. A proper screen will help reduce overflow and improve the grading quality of the asphalt mixture.

Each people should have a clear knowledge of one’s responsibility. All the management and maintenance of the hot mix plant should be carried out according to a set of standards. If you like to know more about asphalt plant, welcome to contact Haomei Machinery, a hot mix asphalt manufacturer.

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