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How to Choose Cement Silo Height

May 18, 2023

The bulk cement storage tank is the higher equipment in the entire concrete mixing plant, and it is also a more flexible part. However, customers often do not pay attention to the cement silo when purchasing a concrete mixing plant, and only find that there are various problems when they are put into use. We’d like to introduce the common height problems of cement silos for reference.

In fact, how to choose the specifications of the cement silo is very important, especially when building a small concrete mixing plant.

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Question 1: Can the cement silos for sale be lowed and without outriggers?

Some customers said, “ The cement silo is just a powder silo. You make it so high, and there are piles of outriggers underneath. Doesn’t this mean that the production cost is increased?” The choice of the cement silo height has its own reasons. Because if the cement silo is not elevated, the inclination angle of the screw conveyor is too close to 180 degree, the work will become very difficult, and it is not conducive to the rapid discharge of cement, and even threatens the service life of the screw conveyor.

At present, generally speaking, the height of the outriggers is 5 meters, which has been calculated. Then if the customer wants to reduce the production cost, we will make a cement foundation, and then fix the cement silo to the cement foundation.

Question 2: Since it should not be too low, can it be a little higher?

It is more difficult to realize. Because the cement silo is too high, the corresponding spiral will be lengthened, and the difficulty of maintenance and construction will increase. Moreover, if the cement silo is too high, the instability will increase, and the possibility of danger will also increase. We still recommend customers to use standard cement silo outriggers.

Question3: The small batching plant is built on uneven ground. I need to change the cement silo height.

This problem is relatively rare. The ground of the concrete mixing plant needs to be grounded and hardened. However, customers who choose small mixing plants often suffer from site factors. Then if such a thing happens, we need to increase or decrease the height of the cement silo appropriately. If it needs to be increased, as mentioned above, build a cement bracket to increase the height. If the height needs to be lowered, then professional personnel are required to cut the bracket and pay attention to the stability of the cement silo.

Questions 4: How to choose the discharge height?

The discharge height refers to the vertical distance between the discharge opening of the cement silo and the foundation ground. The calculation of unloading height needs to be determined according to the position and height of the mixer, the center distance between the cement tank and the mixer, and the length and angle of the screw conveyor. In general, the conventional ex-factory lengths of screw conveyors are 6M, 9M, and 12M, and the angle is generally 30-60 degrees. The unloading height of the bulk cement tank can be obtained by simple mathematical calculation.

As a cement silo manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has three types of cement silo for you to choose from, that is, vertical cement silo, bolted cement silo and horizontal cement silo. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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