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How to Choose Small Concrete Mixer And Pump

Jun 22, 2020

The small concrete mixer and pump is an ideal choice for small projects because of its labor saving and price advantage. For those customers who have limited budget, how to choose a reliable concrete mixer pump trailer factory?


1. Configuration

. The quality of the configuration can directly affect the service life of the concrete mixing pump and if it can bring profit. The raw material of the equipment is steel which is also divided into many types. Durable steel certainly has a longer service life.

2. After-sale service

Since the concrete mixer machine with pump is a construction equipment with long service life, its after-sale service is very important. That’s why you should choose a reliable manufacturer. If you just stress price, you may not get the technical support in time when there is something wrong with your machine.

3. Concrete mixer with pump price

It is a habit to compare price as a customer. A better concrete mixer with pump price has always been attractive. But we need to know what affects the price of a concrete mixer pump: 1. the equipment quality; 2. the chosen models according to your need; 3. after-sale service. On these basis, a better price will be a better choice.

4. Key parts

The hydraulic systems is its key parts, which has great influence on its pumping performance. Take Haomei diesel concrete mixer pump for example. It adopts double open hydraulic loops with two pumps, which makes the whole hydraulic system much simpler and reliable. It is also equipped with safe device.

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