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What’s The Disadvantages of Concrete Mixer Pump Trailer Factory

Jun 22, 2020

The concrete mixer pump trailer factory is of fully automatic operating system, integrating feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. It has the functions of mixing concrete and conveying concrete on site. Simple operation and cute bod makes it an ideal equipment for rural construction.

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As an economic construction equipment, the diesel concrete mixer pump also has its disadvantages:

1. It takes a long time to lay pipes for pumping.

2. As the pouring position changes, the material point must be continuously moved manually.

3. It only can be driven by a tractor, of which the speed is relatively slow.

4. Its mixer is usually JZC/JZM concrete mixer, which the concrete production per hour is not so high.

5. The supporting construction components need to transported together, including generator sets, pumps, pipelines, forklifts, rotating brackets and other tools. So its movement is not flexible enough.

Although the small concrete mixer and pump has these disadvantages, it is still a very popular choice for small projects. Why? Compared with the large concrete boom pump, its biggest advantage is the price advantage.

Because of its small size, good pumping performance, and high cost effective performance, it is very attractive to customers who want to buy the concrete equipment, but the funds are not very abundant.

In addition, the maintenance cost of the concrete mixing pump is also relatively low. Even there is something wrong with the equipment, the cost of replacing parts will not be too high. What’s more, another reason why rural construction customers like it is because of the labor saving.

No machine is perfect and any of them is designed for a special purpose. If you need an economic concrete mixing pump, that will be your choice.

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