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How to Remove Blocking of Small Concrete Mixer and Pump

Jun 23, 2020

It will be troublesome when the small concrete mixer and pump is blocked. How to remove the failure? There are some tips from Haomei Machinery.


1. Blocking at the feeding inlet. The pumping action and the hydraulic system are normal that there is no abnormal sound and vibration. There is large aggregate or agglomeration in the hopper. Solution: Run the pump in reverse to destroy the agglomeration,making the concrete back to the hopper and mix again and then pump forward. If it does not work, it needs to be cleaned up manually.

2. Blocking at the outlet of the distribution valve. The pumping system of concrete mixer machine with pump is suddenly interrupted, and there is abnormal sound. Besides, the device has strong vibration, but there is no corresponding vibration in the pipeline.

Solution: Pour 15-30L cement slurry into the hopper and then start the pump repeatedly in forward and reverse directions, making the pass open. If this method is not effective, it can only be manually eliminated.

3. Blocking at S valve. The S pipe valve blockage is gradually formed. The main reason is that after pumping the concrete, it is not washed with high-pressure water in time, resulting in the concrete remaining in the S pipe, which gradually thickens and accumulates and consolidates over time.

Solution: After pumping concrete, be sure to rinse the pump body and S tube with high-pressure water. When flushing is ineffective, it can be knocked by some tools to remove the residue until it is completely clean.

4. Blocking at concrete conveying pipeline. When the conveying pressure gradually increases, and the hopper material level does not drop, the pipeline outlet does not discharge, the pump vibrates, and the pipeline is also accompanied by strong vibration and displacement, it can be determined that the pipeline is blocked.

Solution: At this time, you can use a small hammer to hit along the pipeline, the dull sound shows the blocking position. Start the pump repeatedly in forward and reverse directions combined withe the knocking of the hammer.

When the above method is invalid, it means that the blockage is serious. After identifying the clogged section, remove the pipe and blow it with high-pressure wind or heavy hammer or high-pressure water.

These are tips from Haomei Machinery. Welcome to inquire concrete mixer with pump price from us directly.

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