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How to Control Production Cost of Hot Mix Asphalt Plant for Sale

Apr 26, 2023

Ciber's application engineers studied data from hot mix asphalt plant for salein Brazil and found that more than 75% of the total cost was related to materials (aggregate and asphalt). Fuel used in drying aggregates and heating bitumen is next at almost 12% of the cost. Equipment maintenance, transportation and installation, site construction, electricity, wheel loaders for unloading and labor costs add up to less than 10% of the total cost. The investment in hot mix asphalt plant for sale is even less than 2%.

The cost of purchasing raw materials is also calculated based on current market prices in Brazil; maintenance costs are determined based on the cost of wearing parts and the wear life of these parts; site construction costs include the price of the land required for equipment installation and operation; electricity costs are based on the energy needs of the equipment; labor costs are estimated based on the labor required for the operation, management and administration of the mixing plant.

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Obviously, the best way to reduce the production cost of asphalt mixture is to start with the batching and drying stage. This includes precise dosing of aggregates and bitumen, and reduced fuel consumption by achieving optimum combustion and maximizing heat exchange between combustion gases and aggregates.

Asphalt binders accounts for more than 50% of total costs, so adjustments to asphalt usage can have a correspondingly significant economic impact. The figures used by Ciber are based on a bitumen cost of $600/mt including freight and a 5% bitumen content in the mix. Based on the annual production of 100,000 tons of asphalt mixture, 5,000 tons of asphalt is required, and the total price is 3 million US dollars.

It can be seen that even if the amount of asphalt changes by only a few thousandths, it will have an obvious impact on production costs. Assuming a 0.3 percent increase in the bitumen content of the mix, production costs could soar by $1.8 million over ten years.

Fuel costs are also not to be overlooked, especially for drying aggregates. The new technology ensures better heat exchange between aggregate and combustion gases, potentially reducing fuel consumption by 1 liter for every tonne of mix produced. If the annual output is 100,000 tons, the benefits of reducing fuel expenditure are amazing.

Honestly speaking, the asphalt plant cost is really expensive, but we also have to admit that a set of high-end asphalt mixing plants can bring unexpected return on investment in terms of ensuring output and quality, reducing fuel and raw material costs, etc. Which is cheaper, using a cheaper, less technological asphalt mixing plant or a technologically advanced product that can more precisely control mix ratios and fuel consumption? Haomei asphalt mixing plants have many patents to ensure best production efficiency.

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