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How to Deal With Failures of Small Asphalt Plant

Jun 12, 2020

To ensure the smooth work of the small asphalt plant can not only ensure the progress of the project, but also effectively reduce the project cost. When a fault is found, it must be dealt with in time. Let’s have a look of the common failures.

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1. Concrete mixer failure

During the operation of the mixer, if there is abnormal sound, it may be that the instant overload of the mixer causes the fixed support of the drive motor to be misaligned, and then it needs to be reset.

Secondly, when the mixer shaft, blades or internal plates are seriously worn or fall off, it will make the mixing uneven, and for this situation, it is necessary to replace the equipment components in time.

In addition, when it is found that the discharge temperature of the mixer is abnormal, the temperature sensor should be cleaned in time and the cleaning device should be thoroughly inspected to ensure that the mixer operates normally and meets the construction requirements.

2. Sensor and cold material conveying device

During operation, if it is found that the feeding of the silo is inaccurate, the sensor may be faulty, resulting in an error in signal transmission. At this time, the sensor should be checked or replaced.

When the belt conveyor stops, there may be something wrong with the belt motor or it is stuck by foreign objects such as gravel. Therefore, we need to make an inspection of the belt and the motor.

If you like to know more about the solutions for the common failures of the mini asphalt plant, welcome to contact us directly. As a big asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has different kinds of small asphalt plant for sale.

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