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The Troubleshooting of Mini Asphalt Plant

Jun 12, 2020

The common models of mini asphalt plants are LB800,LB1000, LB1200 batch type small asphalt plant and mobile asphalt drum mix plant. The smooth work of asphalt mixing plant contributes to the normal progress of the whole project. Once there is something wrong with the parts, how to deal with it?

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Negative pressure troubleshooting

The factors affecting the internal pressure of the blower mainly include two aspects: blower and induced draft fan. The blower generates positive pressure in the drum while the induced draft fan will cause negative pressure in the drum, and the negative pressure generated cannot be very large, otherwise it will cause dust to fly out from the four sides of the drum and affect the surrounding environment.

When there is negative pressure in the drying drum, the operator should perform the following operations: Firstly, a strict inspection of the air inlet of the induced draft fan is required. When the damper is not in motion, you can set it to manual operation, and adjust the damper to the handwheel to see if it is operating normally, thus eliminating the stuck situation. If it can be opened manually, then follow the guide to check other parts carefully.
Secondly, under the premise that the damper of the induced draft fan can be used normally, it is necessary for the staff to carry out a detailed inspection of the pulse board and check whether its circuit or electromagnetic switch is in doubt.

The burner does not ignite normally

If the burner does not ignite normally, the operator can adopt the following methods to solve: firstly, a comprehensive inspection of the operating room and various incineration devices, such as transmission belts, power supplies, rollers and fans, etc.

Then, check the position of the burning valve of the fan, the status of the cold air door, the opening and closing status of the fan door, the status of the drying drum and the internal pressure and check whether the meter is already in the manual gear.

If all the indicators are qualified, the operator needs to continue to check whether the oil path is dredged, whether the burning device is normal, and whether the high-pressure package is damaged. If the operator still can’t find the problems, take out the electrode device of the incinerator and check its cleanliness, including whether it is blocked by the oil and whether there is a useful distance between the oil circuit and the electrode.

If the above checks are normal, then you need to check the operating conditions of the pump in detail and test whether the pressure at the pump port meets normal conditions.

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