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How to Ensure Safety Operation of HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

Jul 08, 2020

HZS90concrete batching plant is a popular model of wet batch concrete plant. How to ensue its safety operation? There are three aspects you should pay attention to.


1. The safety requirements of the electrical system. The equipment console shall be provided with an emergency power-off switch, which should be able to cut off the main power supply in an emergency and cannot be automatically reset.

The maintenance cover and the power supply of the twin shaft concrete mixer shall be provided with an interlocking device. When the maintenance cover is opened, the power shall be cut off and the concrete mixer can’t start.

In the basic design of wet mix concrete plant, we should consider setting up a special grounding grid, and having reliable electrical connections with the building body and powder silo. The grounding resistance should not be greater than 10Ω. The computer control system should be equipped with a vertical grounding grid with a grounding resistance not greater than 4Ω.

2. The safety requirements of structural components. Safety protection devices should be installed in the parts of the hzs90 concrete plant such as the operating platform, feeding inlet, aggregate silo, cement silo, etc. that involve personal safety.

The exposed parts of the transmission system shall have protective devices and safety maintenance protection devices. The width of the platform should not be less than 50cm, and skirting boards with a height of not less than 5cm should be set on the edges to prevent tools, metals and other materials from falling into the gap between the platform pedals and causing personal injury or death.

3. The safety design of the foundation. The design of the foundation of the mixing plant should be designed and confirmed by a designer with architectural qualifications according to the local geology. The ground allowable compressive stress is generally 0.2 to 0.3MPa.

After excavation of the soft foundation, different processes must be selected to reinforce the bottom of the foundation according to the filling degree. The commonly used reinforcement methods are pile driving and increasing the foundation area to increase the foundation bearing capacity and prevent the future cracking and sinking of the foundation.

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