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How to Improve Economic Efficiency of Mini Asphalt Plant

Jul 05, 2022

The mini asphalt plant for sale is the ideal equipment for small road construction or road maintenance projects, with a production capacity of 10 to 80 tons per hour, which can be very easily transferred from one construction site to another. It is made up of cold aggregate supply system, cold aggregate elevator, asphalt supply system, dust removal equipment, asphalt mixer, etc.

The asphalt plant for sale is a complex system composed of multiple components, and the production process needs to be coordinated by many people. Excellent managers understand the importance of people. Without reasonable staffing, it is impossible to achieve good economic benefits.

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Improve productivity

The quality of the aggregate directly affects the productivity of the asphalt mixing plant. Therefore, the quality should be strictly controlled from the procurement of raw materials. Another factor that affects the productivity of the asphalt mixing plant is the main burner.

The drying drum of the asphalt mixing plant is designed with a special heating area. If the flame shape cannot match the heating area, it will seriously affect the heating efficiency and thus the productivity of the mixing plant. Therefore, if you find that the flame shape is not good, you should adjust it in time.

Reduce fuel consumption

Fuel costs account for a large proportion of the operating costs of asphalt mixing plants. In addition to taking necessary waterproof measures for the aggregate, it is to improve the operation efficiency of the combustion system. The combustion system of the asphalt mixing plant is composed of the main burner, the drying drum, the dust collector and the induced air system, and the reasonable matching among them plays a decisive role in the full combustion of the fuel.

Whether the flame length and diameter of the burner match the combustion area of the drying cylinder, and the temperature of the exhaust gas directly affect the fuel consumption of the burner. Some data show that every time the aggregate temperature exceeds the specified temperature by 5°C, the fuel consumption will increase by about 1%.

Enhance maintenance

The working environment of the mini mobile hot mix plant is harsh, so the daily maintenance is essential. If maintenance is not in place, overhaul cost will be high. During daily inspections, minor problems should be dealt with in time to avoid leading to major failures.

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