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A Mainstream Concrete Plant: Wet Concrete Batch Plants

Jul 06, 2022

When the dry concrete mixing plant is working, each system sends the weighed sand and gravel aggregates, cement, fly ash, etc. into the storage hopper, and then loads the materials into the concrete mixer truck and add water and other additives into the concrete mixer truck. The concrete mixer truck controls the rotation of the tank at a speed of at least 70 revolutions per minute to achieve the purpose of stirring.

Wet concrete batching plants place all the materials including water into the concrete mixer in the middle position. After mixing, the concrete is discharged into a mixer truck to deliver the concrete to the construction site. It should be noted that during transportation, the concrete mixer truckshould be rotated at an appropriate speed to prevent the concrete from setting.

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The wet concrete batching plant also has two types: stationary concrete plant and mobile concrete batch plant. Stationary batching plant is a special concrete batching plant specially designed to meet the needs of large-volume, high-efficiency, high-stability and high-specification concrete production, mainly for the production of ready mix concrete.

Haomei Machinery provides models of stationary concrete batching plants with a theoretical production capacity of up to 540 cubic meters per hour. Concrete batching plants equipped with lifting hoppers have a smaller footprint, making it possible to produce high-quality ready-mixed concrete in a small area.

The batching plant equipped with thermal insulation or refrigeration system can meet the concrete production requirements in severe cold or extremely hot areas. The concrete mixing plant equipped with vertical shaft or reinforced double-shaft mixer can meet the production requirements of high-strength concrete above C50.

The mobile concrete plant is a concrete mixing equipment that integrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, unloading and automatic control systems of the stationary concrete batching plant into a single trailer unit. Its all production processes, operation methods, and maintenance methods are exactly the same as the stationary batching plant.

The mobile concrete mixing plant is divided into YHZM mobile drum mixing plant and YHZS mobile concrete batching plant. The YHZM drum type mobile mixing plant uses a drum mixer as the mixing host. The main The main features are relatively low cost, high mixing and discharging efficiency, simple structure, convenient and quick maintenance. If the required concrete grade exceeds C30, it is not recommended to use this type.

YHZS mini mobile batching plant uses the twin shaft concrete mixer as the mixing host. It has the characteristics of high mixing homogeneity, good slump, and strong continuity. In addition, it can mix high-grade concrete. It is no different from the stationary concrete batching plant, but the cost is higher than that of the drum type mobile batching plant.

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