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The Pros and Cons of JBT30 Concrete Mixer Pump

Jan 13, 2023

The trailer concrete mixer pump is usually used in the transportation of large aggregate concrete such as small and medium-sized projects like high-rise buildings, tunnel, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, geological disaster slope treatment, etc.

Due to the high-performance structure and system configuration of the concrete mixing pump, the reliability of the machine has got greatly improved, which can ensure zero failure in pumping during construction. Therefore, even under harsh conditions, it is of stable pumping performance.

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1. It is relatively cheap compared with the total cost of buying concrete mixer and concrete pumps. The concrete mixing pump has two in one.

2. During the construction, the construction efficiency of the concrete mixing pump is very high. It can carry out on-site mixing and continuous pumping. Compared with traditional mixer mixing and manual feeding, the efficiency is increased by more than 5 times.

3. It saves labor during the operation and significantly reduces the cost of use. The whole process can be operated by one person with a high degree of automation. Compared with concrete mixer and manual feeding, it can save 4-5 labors.

4. The concrete mixer and pump is light, small in size and easy to move, which is very suitable for construction in rural areas and narrow areas.

5. The concrete produced by the concrete mixer pump is very good. Usually, the concrete produced by the concrete mixer pump needs to be mixed twice, which is more uniform, has better compactness, higher strength, and better impermeability and flexural resistance.


1. It takes a long time and a lot of work to prepare for laying pipelines.

2. As the pouring position changes, the placement point must be manually moved.

3. JBT 30 concrete mixer with pump does not have a motorized walking mechanism, so it needs to be dragged, and the moving speed is slow.

4. It is necessary to tow the supporting construction components during the transition: generator sets, trailer pump, pipelines, forklifts, rotating brackets and other tools. There are many mobile supporting equipment, which is not flexible enough.

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