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How to Maintain Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Jul 13, 2020

The self loading concrete mixer truck has been a popular choice for many construction contractors. Good maintenance will ensure its stable performance and extend its service life. There are five tips.

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1. Tire inspection

The tire pressure should be checked at normal temperature every month, and if it is lower than the normal standard, the tire pressure should be replenished in time. The air pressure cannot be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the safety of driving. Check if the tires have cracks and replace the tire in time when there is a safety hazard.

2. Check the engine coolant level

Do not open the radiator cover when the engine of the self batching concrete truck, otherwise you may be burned by the splashed coolant or high-temperature steam. After the engine cools, check if the liquid level of the coolant is between the full and low level. If it is found that the coolant decreases quickly in a short time, you should check the cooling system for leaks.

3. The inspection of the clutch liquid level

It is normal if the clutch liquid level between the high and low liquid levels. If it is lower than the standard line, the master cylinder or the sub-pump may be damaged. It will be difficult or impossible to hang up the gear. Please go to the nearest repair station for inspection in time.

4. The inspection of the battery

Check whether the battery is firmly fixed. Keep the battery positive and negative cables in good contact, and keep the battery clean and dry. For the self loading mixer without use for a long time, remove the positive and negative cables of the battery.

5. The inspection of brake fluid level

It is also normal if the brake fluid level is between the high and low level. If the brake fluid of the self loading mixer is close to the lower limit or lower than the lower limit, it means that there may be a leak in the system or the brake pad is seriously worn. The operator should repair it in time.

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