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How To Mix Concrete In Mixer

Jul 28, 2020

Many customers are curious about how to mix concrete in mixer. There are different types of concrete mixer machines factory: rotary mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer and planetary mixer. Different concrete mixers have different mixing mechanism. Among these three kinds, the twin shaft concrete mixer is a mainstream kind.concrete mixer machine factory.jpg

China twin shat mixers is applicable for various kinds of concrete such as fluid concrete, dry concrete, semi-dry concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete,etc. It can from a single batch plant with a PLD batching machine or as the mixing host of a concrete batching plant.

The twin shaft concrete mixer compulsively mixes the material through the mixing shaft. The mixing drum does not move, and the blades in the drum rotate at high speed around the rotating shaft. The two shafts run in opposite directions, resulting in greater mixing strength. With strong mixing performance, the concrete is mixed more evenly, which can achieve the desired effect in a short time.

At every moment when the mixing shaft of the twin-shaft mixer rotates, the concrete is subjected to different external forces, which makes the mixture produce physical and chemical changes at any time.

The China twin shaft concrete mixer is one of the models with the best comprehensive performance. The twin-shaft mixer is widely used in various concrete projects with its remarkable characteristics and unparalleled advantages.

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