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How to Choose Best Concrete Mixer

Jul 29, 2020

The concrete mixer is an important part of a concrete batching plant. Its performance directly determines the quality of the concrete. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a best concrete mixer for the concrete mixing plant for sale. There are three principles to choose a proper one:

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1. The mainstream kind is China twin shaft concrete mixer. It has high production efficiency and uniform mixing.

2. The choice of twin shaft concrete mixer or planetary concrete mixer should be made according to the different applications.

3. When choosing a large concrete mixer, we need to consider whether the discharge speed and the receiving speed of the concrete mixer truck. If the receiving speed of the concrete truck is less than the output speed of the mixer, the finished concrete storage hopper should be added.

Twin shaft concrete mixer V Planetary concrete mixer

  • Generally speaking, twin-shaft mixers can be selected for concrete production of C50 and below. In China, the popular twin shaft concrete mixer is the JS series. Take JS750 concrete mixer for example. The proportion of “750” in the model stands for its output is 0.75 m3 per batch. The interval between each discharge is 60 to 75 seconds.

  • The planetary concrete mixer is recommended for concrete above C50. It mixing is characterized in that while the planetary mixer is rotating, it is also revolving, just like planetary motion in the universe. It can mix the material in all directions, which brings more even mixing effect. It also has wider application than the twin shaft concrete mixer.

For the general engineering projects, the primary choice is still the twin shaft concrete mixer for it has the best comprehensive performance including mixing performance and the reasonable price.

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