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How to Operate Truck Mounted Concrete Line Pump

Jul 26, 2022

In recent years, the upgrading of concrete pumps has developed rapidly. From line pump truck, truck-mounted pumps to boom pumps, the functions have been gradually improved. Due to the limitation of the height of the boom and the safety of the outriggers, the boom pump is very restricted in some narrow construction areas. The trailer pump has a wider application range. How to operate it daily?

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1. Inspection before work

Routine inspections include checking the hydraulic oil level, whether there is water in the water tank, the wear of wearing parts, the amount of lubricating oil, and whether there is any blocked pipe. If it is a motor pump, also check whether the external voltage is normal, whether the phase is missing, and whether the phase sequence of the wiring is correct.

What is easily overlooked is the inspection of the amount of lubricating oil, which can lead to abnormal wear of the big and small ends and the mixing parts. . At the same time, the external pump pipeline should also be checked once to prevent the pump pipe from being worn and leaking slurry.

2. Matters needing attention at work

Before pumping concrete, the truck mounted concrete line pump also needs to pump a certain amount of mortar to lubricate the pump pipes. At the same time, according to the increase in the length of the connected pump pipe, the amount of mortar provided also needs to be increased accordingly to prevent the end of the pump pipe from being without lubricating.

Before the mortar has been pumped, the concrete should be put into the hopper to prevent the concrete cylinder from being emptied, which may lead to the occurrence of pipe blockage. At the same time, during the pumping process, the time for waiting for the concrete should not be too long. In summer construction, the longest interval cannot exceed 1 hour.

The concrete pump trailer should be placed in a location that can block the rain, so that when it rains, the rain water won’t enter the hopper and cause the concrete to segregate.

3. How to deal with the blocked pipe?

Pipe blocking is one of the most common problems in daily working. First of all, after blocking the pipe, you should quickly find the location of the blocked pipe, clear the pipeline, and do not rush to work immediately after completing the above work. The reason for the blocked pipe should be found out. If the reason is not found, it is very likely that the pipe will be blocked again, and the newly unclogged pipe will be blocked again.

Concrete segregation, too large particle size of concrete aggregate, leakage of slurry from pump pipe, insufficient pumping pressure due to equipment failure, poor sealing of piston, poor sealing of cutting ring of glasses plate, etc., may all lead to the occurrence of pipe blockage.

Every inspection and troubleshooting is very important. Don't ignore some problems that you think are not problems. These may become hidden dangers of equipment failure in the future. Welcome to leave message below to know more about our truck mounted concrete line pump.

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