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How to Remove Piston of Concrete Mixer Pump

Jun 09, 2021

The piston of the concrete mixer pump is in close contact with the concrete during construction, so it is very prone to wear during the construction process. What should we do if this situation occurs? It is very important to disassemble and replace in time. So what are the steps for disassembling the piston of the cocnrete mixing pump?

Since the piston has direct and close contact with the concrete, it should have good sealing performance and be wear-resistant. Once the water in the tank becomes muddy or concrete, it should be considered whether the piston of the concrete mixer machine with pump is severely worn.

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If the piston does wear out, it needs to be replaced in time to influence the normal operation of concrete mixer with pump. Now we briefly introduce the steps of disassembling the piston of the concrete mixer pump:

1. Drain the water in the water tank and clean up the debris in the water tank.

2. Remove the limit sleeve and pressure plate, close the U-shaped valve at the end of the cylinder, and rotate it to be perpendicular to the cylinder.
3. Retract the piston into the water tank through the operaton on the touch screen.

3. You can rely on some tools to disassemble the piston. Note: be sure to press emergency stop button during the disassembly process.

4. After the disassembly is completed, use a rope or other tools to take out the piston. The whole process of disassembly is completed.

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