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How to Choose A Right Pump Equipment for Your Project?

Jun 09, 2021

In recent years, the market demand for concrete machinery and equipment has increased. But for project contractors, choosing the right equipment has become a problem. Should you choose a trailer pump, truck-mounted concrete pump or concrete mixer machine with pump? How to choose a cocnrete pump that suits you?

Concrete mixer pump, truck-mounted concete pump and concrete boom pump are the most common concrete pump equipment. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Concrete mixing pump is he cheapest of the three. There are electrical and diesel ones. The difference is that the power source of the hydraulic system is provided by the motor or the diesel engine.

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The truck-mounted concrete pump is based on the trailer line pump with a movable chassis, which is more convenient and quicker in the transfer compared with the trailer pump. The pumping system of the truck-mounted pump has its own separate power source. In other respects, its effect is similar to that of the line pump.

The price of the concrete boom pump is the highest, which is lso the most convenient to use. It can drive on the road and and the boom is controlled by a wireless remote control system. Therefore, it require more professional practitioners.

In short, the three types of equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages, and each type of equipment is designed for different working conditions.

What’s Your Need

What kind of project you buy equipment for determines which equipment is more suitable for you. For example, to repair tunnels and mines, concrete mixer machine with pump is the most suitable. The horizontal pumping distance of the trailer pump is long, and the ambient sound when the motor pump is working is relatively small.

Depending on the length of the boom, the concrete boom pump truck also has a different working range. For example, those within 38 meters are suitable for concrete pouring of some small buildings with floors below 10 floors. At the same time, for bridge construction and small residential construction, concrete boom pump has better maneuverability.

The Choice of Concrete Pump Brand

What is the most important thing to consider when buying a concrete pump? Of course it is after-sales service. Haomei Machinery has timely supply of accessories with reasonable price and resolve the faults in the first time when you tell us. Finally, it depends on your budget and need to choose a pump equipment.

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