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How to Use Concrete Mixer and Pump

May 30, 2023

The concrete mix and pump is a small concrete delivery pump that adopts a fully automated construction operating system and integrates feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. It features simple operation, stable performance and convenient movement.

The performance of a small concrete mixer pump is mainly determined by its configuration. The higher the configuration, the better the performance. At present, the best performance of the small trailer pump is the diesel concrete pump trailer. The full hydraulic system is matched with diesel engine power, which perfectly avoids the limitation of electric power. It is widely used in foundations, floor, township road construction, mines, road and railway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower project, slop protection.


Work flow

Remotely lift the hopper to put the concrete material into the mixer, and the mixer will automatically mix and add water. The relay for adding water can be adjusted in advance, and it can be modified and adjusted according to the concrete material. In general, before the concrete pump leaves the factory, Haomei Machinery has adjusted the general initial value.

When working, the hydraulic pump is driven by the motor, and the hydraulic pump drives the hydraulic cylinder to push the piston in the delivery cylinder to perform alternate movements of "one push and one suction", and the concrete is sucked into the delivery cylinder from the hopper and pumped out. The process is controlled by hydraulic valves and switched by swing cylinders in the distribution system. Since the whole process of the concrete mixing pump is controlled by remote control. One person can complete all operations.

After the construction of concrete mixer machine with pump is completed, all the concrete in the hopper and pipeline should be output, and then the pump, hopper, pipeline, etc. should be flushed, otherwise it will easily cause pipe blockage. The main operations are:

1. The pistons on both sides of the mixing pump should be turned to the position of the cleaning room, and lubricated.

2. The concrete mixer and pump machine should run for several minutes without load, so that clean grease can be distributed to each lubrication point.

3. The control switches, adjustment handles, handwheels, control rods, cocks, etc. of each part of the mixing pump should be reset.

4. When cleaning the pipeline with the water pump, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the operation manual of the concrete mixer and pump for sale.

5. It is strictly forbidden to stand people within 10m in front of the outlet of the pipeline, and use metal mesh baskets to collect the washed out cleaning balls and sand.

6. Clean the concrete remaining on the inner wall of the mixing drum. If you need to enter the mixing drum for cleaning, you should cut off the power supply, remove the fuse and lock the switch box.

7. If the concrete mixer and pump for sale needs to be moved, the sliding valve stem must be retracted and the ball valve closed to prevent damage to the valve stem.

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