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Planetary Concrete Mixer VS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Jun 02, 2023

In today's concrete industry, the construction form of on-site pouring is generally adopted, and the ready-mixed concrete is transported to the project site by a concrete mixer truck. The concrete needs to be produced in large quantities through automated production methods. The complete set of concrete production equipment is concrete batching plant, including mixing systems, batching systems, control systems, metering systems, and conveying systems.

Another way is to factory prefabrication to produce cement products according to the drawing requirements, and then transport them to the site for installation according to specific needs, including prefabricated pipe racks, pipe piles, and cement PC prefabricated products. In the field of cement prefabricated product production, the quality of concrete in precast concrete production directly affects the product performance of precast components. The key factor that determines the quality of precast concrete is the selection of the concrete mixer. Therefore, which one is better for the prefabricated concrete product making, planetary concrete mixer for sale or twin shaft concrete mixer?

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Planetary concrete mixer advantages

The vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer adopts planetary mixing motion. Its mixing track spreads all over the mixing drum, so that the material is mixed more evenly and the mixing movement is more intense. For high prefabricated cement products, it can better meet the quality requirements.

Compared with the twin-shaft mixer, since the mold of the prefabricated component is directly arranged under the concrete mixer, there is no secondary mixing link in the transportation of concrete mixer truck, so the homogeneity standard of the primary mixing is required to be higher.

Only by improving the homogeneity of primary mixing can the scrap rate of finished prefabricated components be reduced and the high quality of finished products for customers can be achieved. Therefore, planetary concrete mixer is more suitable for precast concrete than the twin horizontal shaft mixer.

Secondly, considering the operating cost, the planetary concrete mixer mixing device adopts a parallelogram design structure. When the mixing is worn to a certain extent, it can rotate 180 degrees and continue to be used repeatedly. The mixer reduces the customer's accessory cost. The special designed mixing arm can maximize the utilization of the blades. The streamlined design of the mixing arm reduces the chance of material sticking to the arm. Therefore, for prefabricated cement products, planetary mixer is a good choice.

Twin shaft concrete mixer

Traditional concrete production adopts concrete production line, generally choosing double shaft concrete mixer. It is suitable for mixing large quantities of commercial concrete, featuring high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, mature technology, certain price advantages and technology accumulation.

Generally speaking, the concrete batching plant with twin shaft mixer as the mixing host is usually HZS concrete mixing plant The model that uses the vertical shaft planetary mixer as the main mixing machine is the HZN series concrete mixing plant equipment. Therefore, different businesses can choose suitable special concrete mixing plants according to the concrete production needs, which can not only take into account the production cost but also achieve the purpose of ensuring product quality.

The models of double shaft concrete mixer are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, JS4000, etc., which are ideal concrete mixing machinery at home and abroad. They can work independently or as the main machine of the mixing station.

Its performance characteristics are introduced as follows:

1. The innovative design concept of the dual shaft concrete mixer better solves the problem of the sticky shaft of the mixing powder in the self-falling mixer, improves the mixing efficiency, reduces the mixing load, and increases the product reliability of the mixer.

2. Concrete slump can be monitored and changed at any time, providing guarantee for users to produce high-quality concrete.

3. Several sets of mixing blades in the circular groove-shaped mixing drum are staggered, so that the mixture can be fully stirred in the cylinder, and the mixture can be stirred quickly and evenly.

4. Multiple shaft end seals, aggregate frame seals and hydraulic system oil supply pumps can effectively prevent the main shaft from being quickly worn and resulting in slurry leakage.

5. Whether it is feeding, unloading or water supply, the mixer is highly automated, and all motor control parts are in the electric box, which is safe and reliable in use.

The working principle of double shaft concrete mixer:

The mixing drum is in the shape of two connected troughs, and there are two horizontally arranged stirring shafts inside. When the stirring shaft rotates, on the one hand, the mixture at the bottom and the middle of the mixing drum is turned upwards, and on the other hand,the mixture is pushed back and forth along the axis respectively so that the mixture can be stirred quickly and evenly, thus having a good stirring effect.

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