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JS1500 Concrete Mixer: 2 Yard Concrete Mixer

Jul 02, 2020

JS1500 concrete mixer, also called 2 yard concrete mixer ,is a large model of twin shaft concrete mixers. It consists of mixing system, loading system, discharging system and electrical system. There are some FAQs about this model for your reference.


1. What does js1500 mean?

A: According to industry regulations, JS stands for double horizontal shaft compulsory mixing. 1500 means the discharging capacity of the concrete mixer is 1500L, which is often refers to as 1.5 cubic meter or 2 cubic yard.

2. What’s the discharging height of JS1500 concrete mixer?

At present, the discharging height of most JS1500 concrete mixer is 3.8 meter. However, as the height of the concrete mixer truck is increased, its discharging height has been increased to 4.1 meter correspondingly. It can make changes according to the customer’s requirements.

3. How much is the JS1500 Concrete Mixer?

Different configuration and different manufacturers will have a different concrete mixer price. Some JS1500 concrete mixers is driven by single motor while some choose dual motors. There are two feeding methods: lifting bucket and conveyor belt. The general JS1500 concrete mixer is about 21,000 dollars.

4. What Is the application scope of JS1500 concrete mixer machine for sale?

It is suitable for various large, medium and small prefabricated component factories and highways, bridges, water conservancy, ports, docks and other industrial and civil construction engineering projects.

It can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars. It can be used alone or form a simple concrete batching plant with PLD1600 batcher. I also can be used as the mixing host of HZS75/HZS90 concrete mixing plant.

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