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How to Choose Industrial Concrete Mixers

Jul 02, 2020

With the continuous development of society, the construction industry is very promising. There is more and more demand for industrial concrete mixers. Facing to different types of concrete mixers, how to choose a right one for your project?


1. Production scale: According to its annual production scale, as well as its own production capacity and sales situation, you can decide which type of concrete mixer to choose. There are generally three kinds: planetary concrete mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer and rotary mixer.

In terms of concrete quality, planetary concrete mixer is the best one and the twin shaft concrete mixer is much better than rotary mixer. As a whole, twin shaft mixer is the mainstream concrete mixer.

2. Concrete quality: Different construction projects have different requirements for concrete quality. If you need to produce high-quality products, you need to buy a reliable concrete mixer. Twin shaft mixer or planetary concrete mixer is what you need to choose.

3. Productivity: Each type of concrete mixer has its productivity range. You can choose a right model according to your maximum demand for concrete.

4. Equipment characteristics: We need to comprehensively consider the advancement and reliability of the concrete mixer and its comprehensive application ability.

5. Cost performance: At the same time, we also need to consider cost performance, which is also a measure to save costs.

6. Technical performance: It is not wise to only pursue the technical level of concrete mixer machine for sale. Similarly, it is not right to save cost without considering the its configuration. We need to balance it.

From the above points, you may have a basic judge on what is needed. After talking with our professional sales staff, you must have a clear idea.

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