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JZC V JZM Concrete Mixer

May 19, 2020

JZC/JZM concrete mixers are both rotary concrete mixer with forward rotation for mixing and reverse movement for discharging. JZM stands for friction transmission. JZC stands for gear transmission.

The production efficiency of JZC series is not high, but it can mix plastic and semi-dry hard concrete. In addition, it is of light weight, which is easy to move. JZM series is of small sound, reasonable structure and stable transmission.

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JZC/JZM concrete mixers are suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridge engineering and small and medium-sized concrete component factories. Let’s have a look of their differences.

Firstly, their lifting motors are different. The mixing drum of JZM concrete mixer is driven by rubber tugs. Due to the special drum mixing method, the lifting hopper of JZM concrete mixer has a unique lifting motor. JZC concrete mixer is a self-falling concrete mixer. The drum and hopper of JZC concrete mixer shares a motor.

Secondly, they have different models. JZC concrete mixer usually refers to civilian drum concrete mixer, the main models are: JZC300/350/500/750. JZM series is friction drum concrete mixer, the main models are: JZM350 / 500/750 concrete mixer.

Finally, the thickness of their mixing drum is different. Compared with JZC concrete mixers, JZM series concrete mixers have a higher mixing drum wall thickness, usually up to eight centimeters. We often regard JZM concrete mixer as the updated version of JZC concrete mixer.

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