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The User’s Guide of Self Loading Transit Mixer

Dec 16, 2021

The self loading transit mixer is a multi-functional engineering vehicles, having self loading, weighing, mixing, transport and 270-degree discharging in one. It is widely used in roads, houses, squares, workshops and self-built house. Compared with traditional operation machinery, it can reduce labor and expenses by 30%, and it is also the preferred leasing equipment in the construction leasing market.

The biggest advantage of self loading mixer truck lies in its integration. Compared with the traditional concrete mixer, its labor and material cost both decrease a lot. Although the advantages in mass concrete pouring are not obvious, the self loading transit mixer has great advantages for the line foundation of Africa with low voltage level and small volume of single-base concrete. Its flexibility is strong and adapts to local terrain conditions.

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The mixing drum is the core equipment of the self loading concrete mixer. How to solve them when there are some little problem in the daily work? For example, big viscosity of concrete. If the viscosity of the self-feeding mixer truck is too high during the production process, it will increase the load-bearing capacity of the mixer truck, increase friction, and generate a lot of heat.

When reversing valve of the self-loading mixer truck has been used for a long time, and it is easy to cause the valve core sealing ring to wear, the valve seat and the valve stem are damaged, which leads to the leakage of gas in the valve, the slow movement of the valve or the abnormal change of direction. When it happens, we need to replace the sealing ring, valve stem and valve seat, or replace the reversing valve with a new one.

The self-loading mixer truck will encounter some some accidents during use, such as scratches. Some people think that scratches are not a big problem. In fact, if the scratches are not dealt with in time, the service life of the self loading concrete mixer machine will be damaged over time. For the scratches, we can coat the car with a coating agent. Pay attention to the uniform application during the application process.

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