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Mobile VS Stationary Batch Type Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

Oct 11, 2023

The hot mix asphalt plants is a mechanical equipment for producing various asphalt mixtures. It is suitable for engineering departments such as highways, urban roads, airports, docks, parking lots, and freight yards. It plays a leading role in the supporting machinery for mechanized construction of asphalt pavement. It is currently a mechanical equipment with relatively intensive electromechanical and hydraulic integration technology.

According to the different transportation methods of the equipment, it can be divided into two types, one is stationary batch type hot mix asphalt plants, the other is mobile asphalt mixing plants.

Stationary asphalt mixing equipment needs to lay a foundation before installation. Therefore, it is more suitable for projects that do not require frequent transfers. If your construction project is focused, it may be worth purchasing a stationary asphalt mixing plant. It features stable performance, long service life and strong adaptability.

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Its production process is: After the sand and stone of different particle sizes are initially mixed by the cold aggregate batching machine, they are sent to the drying drum for drying and heating by the cold aggregate conveyor belt, which use diesel, heavy oil or residual oil as fuel.

The mineral materials are dried and heated to 140 ~ 200°C, then discharged from the rear of the inclined drum, and sent to the screening device by the hot aggregate elevator for screening; various screened sand and stones are stored in the hot aggregates respectively.

The material is stored in the compartment of the silo, and then enters the hot mineral material weighing hopper according to the preset ratio for cumulative weighing and measurement. At the same time, the mineral powder stored in the special silo is transported by the screw conveyor to the mineral powder weighing hopper for weighing and measurement.

In addition, the hot asphalt (170 ~ 180℃) stored in the thermal insulation tank is pumped by the asphalt transfer pump through the thermally insulated asphalt pipeline to the asphalt weighing barrel for weighing and measurement. After various materials are measured separately according to the mix ratio, they are put into the mixer successively through the preset program for mixing.
After mixing evenly, it is either directly unloaded into a transport vehicle or sent to a finished material storage bin for temporary storage. The combustion exhaust gas, water vapor and dust generated during the drying, screening, mixing and other production processes of mineral materials are purified by the dust removal device and then discharged into the atmosphere.

The mobile hot mix batch type asphalt plants are designed based on the stationary asphalt batching plant and inherits its advantages like precise screening and metering, batch mixing, and good asphalt quality, etc. In addition, a mobile frame and related accessories are added, which makes relocation quick and easy to install.

It is well known for the modular design and simple structure. The main parts like the cold aggregate supply system, drying drum, etc., can be relocated as a whole without disassembly, greatly saving installation time and cost.

Whether it is a mobile or stationary one, it has extremely high requirements for its supporting casting products. Because the choice of wear-resistant material quality affects the wear resistance and service life of mechanical parts, which will directly affect the working efficiency and service life of the main machinery. The key components of Haomei asphalt batching plant have both high wear resistance and high strength and toughness, which will decrease both the labor costs and equipment maintenance costs for construction units.

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