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Single Shaft VS Twin Shaft Mixers

Oct 09, 2023

A horizontal concrete mixer refers to a type of mixing equipment in which the mixing cylinder is placed horizontally. There are single shaft mixers and twin shaft concrete mixers. They can be used for the wet mixing of powdery materials.

The twin shaft concrete mixer is a commonly used horizontal mixer at present. Compared with the single-shaft mixer, it has better performance. The twin-shaft concrete mixer uses two spiral blade shafts as the main mixing components to complete the mixing.

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The double shaft mixer design of the twin-shaft concrete mixer makes full use of the cylinder space. The mixing energy of the blades is more completely released, and the movement of the material is also more complete. Therefore, the twin shaft concrete mixer has higher mixing efficiency.

Mixing principle

The twin shaft concrete mixer can not only perform radial mixing, but also axial mixing. The main mixing zone is located in the circumferential direction of the mixing body, which can make full use of the mixing space. When the peripheral speed of the mixing blade is low, the aggregate, cement and water can achieve the best uniform mixing mode in a short time to achieve the best mixing effect.

The mixing method of a single-shaft mixer is the same as that of a drum concrete mixer. The effective working volume is smaller than the theoretical design volume, and the height of the whole machine is much larger than that of a twin-shaft mixer. Its actual production efficiency is lower than the rated production efficiency.

Wear resistance

The mixing principle of he twin-shaft concrete mixer determines that most of the concrete is accumulated between the two mixing shafts during the mixing process, so that the mixing arms and blades are in contact with the bottom lining plate, reducing the wear between them. The lining plate of the twin-shaft mixer can only be made of ordinary steel plate or wear-resistant cast iron.

However, the single shaft concrete mixer must lift the mixed concrete to a very high position and must adopt a high-speed mixing speed, which causes great wear and tear on the mixing blades. It must use expensive special steel, which increases maintenance costs.

Mixing performance

Twin shaft paddle mixer has high mixing efficiency and is equipped with a static pressure starter, so the mixing noise is small. After the mixing is completed, the mixed materials are placed directly at the discharge port.

Due to the structural limitations of the single-shaft mixer system, the opening size of the discharge door is difficult to adjust, which will have a great impact on the discharge of concrete with different proportions. In addition, the discharge door is easy to get stuck during the closing process, especially in the emergency closing state, which is more likely to cause problems, and the sealing performance of the discharge door is poor.

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