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Operating Tips from Reliable Asphalt Plant Hot Mix Manufacturer

Mar 28, 2023

Asphalt batch mix plant is a mechanical device used to produce various asphalt mixtures, and it is a necessary equipment for building roads, villages, urban roads, large airports, coastal ports, parking lots, and freight yards.

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The reliable asphalt plant is mainly composed of batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot material lifting, vibrating screen, hot material storage bin, weighing and mixing system, asphalt supply system, powder material supply system, dust removal system, finished product silo and control system, etc.


1. According to the migration mode, it is generally divided into mobile asphalt plant and stationary asphalt plant.

2. According to the capacity, it has three types: small, medium and large asphalt plant. The small asphalt mixing plant is with an hourly output of less than 40 tons, featuring small modules, quick installation, easy operation, which is suitable for road paving and maintenance. The medium-sized asphalt mixing plant can produce 40-400 tons per hour. Large asphalt mixing plant, the asphalt mixing plant is more than 400 tons.

3. According to the mixing method, it is divided into asphalt drum mix plant and batch mix asphalt plant.

Drum mixing: The cold aggregate is dynamically measured and directly heated in the drying cylinder. It is produced in an uninterrupted mixing method. The heating and drying of the aggregate and the uniform mixing of the mixture are carried out continuously in the same drum. The technological process and equipment is quite simple.

Batch type asphalt mixing: The cold aggregate that has been preliminarily prepared into the drying cylinder for drying, and then lift the hot aggregate to the vibrating screen for screening. After being measured in the heat storage silo, it is added to the mixing pot together with the measured mineral powder and asphalt, and stirred into an asphalt mixture. The heating and drying of the aggregate and the stirring of the mixture are mandatory and periodic.

Operating tips

The operation of the mixture asphalt ratio is a crucial working point. The oil-stone ratio is mainly determined by the mixing ratio of mineral aggregates and the composition of granular materials. In fact, the asphalt ratio can be used as the basic premise of pavement structure and performance indicators. Whether too much or too little asphalt is used, it will have certain adverse effects on the ground engineering construction.

Therefore, if we want to improve the quality of engineering construction, we must strictly control this manufacturing stage. Therefore, in the asphalt mixing plant, the amount of asphalt used must be strictly controlled. In addition, the use of powder will also directly affect the oil-stone ratio. Therefore, measurement and verification of powders should also be done carefully.

The asphalt mixing plant has a key system called light fuel oil supply system. The specific parts of the system include: gasoline and diesel tanks, high-pressure oil pumps and pipelines. The key role of the system is to suck the oil in the diesel tank from the high-pressure oil pump according to the supply and demand relationship of the pressure regulating valve, air pressure gauge and steam flow meter. Gasoline and diesel tanks are used to store gasoline and diesel for easy supply to the burner.

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