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How to Define Production Capacity of RMC Batching Plant

Mar 30, 2023

The production capacity of the stationary RMC plant mainly depends on the size (m3) of the concrete mixer (that is, the rated mixing capacity per hour m3/h). In terms of buying a concrete mixer, in addition to considering the concrete mixer manufacturer, the structure, model and performance of the mixer are slightly different, the mixing capacity of the RMC batching plant corresponding to the specifications of the concrete mixer is usually as follows, but this is the mixing capacity, not the production capacity.

Concrete mixer output (m3/h)

Year mixing capacity(10,000 cubic meters/year)











Since the production of ready-mixed concrete is different from other industrial products, ready-mixed concrete is a special commodity, which must be used or poured in the formwork of the structural parts of the construction project within the specified time and in compliance with the relevant construction operation standards.

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Therefore, in addition to the specifications of the mixer itself, its mixing capacity is firstly restricted by the construction organization, operation method, reasonable design, and construction engineering volume. Secondly, it is also restricted by the loading and unloading capacity of transport vehicles and pumping capacity, so the annual production capacity cannot be determined solely by the mixing capacity corresponding to the specifications of the concrete mixer. It is mainly affected by the following factors:

1. The production of the ready-mixed concrete mixing plants is intermittent.

2. Affected by the local climate and environmental conditions, the actual number of production days and the actual working time per day of the ready mix concrete plants in different regions are different, and the actual operation rate is also different.

3. The actual supporting capacity of transportation and pumping of each production enterprise is different. The environmental conditions of the transportation road, the transportation distance, and whether the construction project site is spacious or not are different.

4. The storage volume of raw materials and the size of the floor area of the mixing station of different RMC plant are different.

5. The construction progress and project size of construction projects are different. The amount of ready-mixed concrete poured to meet the needs of most construction periods is often intermittent.

6. The organization and construction management level of the construction project and the rationality of the design is also different.

The above factors all affect the normal performance of the mixing capacity of the ready-mixed concrete mixing plant and affect its annual production capacity. Therefore, how to define the production capacity of a ready mix batching plant in a certain area is based on the comprehensive factors of the above six aspects in this area.

The definition method of the production capacity of the ready mix concrete plant

1. Take the average capacity value of the month or year according to the calendar year (or normal production) of the mixing station, and multiply it by the number of production days per year, which is the annual production capacity of the mixing station.

2. Calculate the average annual transport volume based on the normal transport capacity of ready-mixed concrete transport vehicles, and multiply the number of vehicles to get its annual production capacity.

The above two methods are general definition methods, which can be used as one of the basis for industry planning or industry management decision-making in a certain area. In the actual situation of the enterprise, it is more scientific and reasonable to calculate and define by taking the factor coefficient method or the weight ratio of each factor affecting the mixing capacity. Welcome to leave message below to inquire RMC plant price.

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