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Quality Management of Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Oct 18, 2022

The stationary asphalt mixing plant for sale generally consists of cold material supply system, aggregate drying and heating system, hot material lifting device, vibrating screening system, heat transfer oil heating (or electric heating) system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, additive metering and conveying system, mixing device,etc.

Generally speaking, there are two types of asphalt mixture production:drum mixing and batch type. Asphalt drum plant is a continuous system without screening of raw materials and separate weighing of raw materials and bitumen, and separate mixing process.

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Individual weighing of aggregates, fillers and bitumen by load cells in batch type asphalt plant provides better accuracy and quality control than volumetric weighing in drum mixing plants. This reduces waste of bitumen and poor quality hot mix bitumen.

The aggregate, asphalt, mineral powder and additives in the asphalt mixture need to comply with the strict mixing ratio design. Only by accurately controlling the measurement accuracy of various components can the quality of the asphalt mixture be guaranteed.

The temperature of the mixture is one of the qualification criteria for the mixture. Too high or too low temperature is waste and cannot be used. Generally, the heating temperature of asphalt is controlled at 150-170 ℃, the temperature of mineral material is 10-20 ℃ higher than that of asphalt, and the ex-factory temperature of the mixture is 140-165℃.

Although the current asphalt hot plant for sale has the ability to automatically control the temperature, since it requires a process from the detection of the temperature to the adjustment of the temperature by adding or subtracting the flame, the temperature control has a hysteresis.

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