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Soil Cement Stabilization Mixing Plant VS Concrete Batching Plant

Dec 06, 2023

The soil cement stabilization mixing plant is a key equipment to produce stabilized soil mixtures. It can fully mix soil and additives to provide homogeneous stabilized soil. The complete set of the stabilized soil mixing plant requires only one operator, with an output of 200--800t/h. It can mix 2 to 9 different specifications and types of materials (including cement). What is the difference between a stabilized soil mixing plant and a concrete mixing plant?

Soil cement stabilization mixing plant: It refers to a combination of machinery and equipment that produces cement-stabilized soil. It mixes various mixtures to make the stabilized soil.

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Concrete batching plant: It is mainly composed of five major systems: control system, material conveying system, material storage system, material weighing system and concrete mixer. The material conveying system can be divided into liquid conveying, aggregate conveying and powder conveying.

The difference between a stabilized soil mixing plant and a concrete mixing plant depends on:

1. The stabilized soil cement produced by the stabilized soil mixing station is mainly used in the construction of transportation projects such as roads, railways, and airports, while the concrete products produced by the concrete mixing station are mainly used in the building construction, hydropower, highway bridge and other engineering construction, as well as large-scale precast plants and commercial concrete production plants.

2. The requirements for finished products produced by concrete mixing plants are higher than those produced by stabilized soil mixing plants.

3. The soil cement stabilization mixing plant uses a twin-shaft rotary mixer while the concrete mixing plant usually uses a JS twin-shaft concrete mixer or large planetary mixer. The mixing effect is more even and ideal.

4. Since the proportion of concrete required for the production of cement stabilized soil is small, the number of cement silos in the stabilized soil mixing station equipment is very small, usually only one or two are needed. A concrete mixing station generally requires three or four cement tanks.

5. The measurement method of the continuous stabilized soil mixing plant is generally dynamic measurement while the concrete mixing station usually adopts static measurement.

6. Stabilized soil mixing stations and concrete mixing stations are generally required for highway construction, while concrete mixing stations are sufficient for building construction.

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