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Stabilized Oil Mixing Station VS Concrete Plant for Sale

Apr 15, 2021

Both concrete and stabilized soil are materials needed for engineering construction. The concrete is used in civil engineering and the stabilized soil acts as the foundation of highways. The raw material of them both includes cement, but the ratio of cement and proportioning methods are different. Therefore, the equipment used for the production of the two materials is also different. One is a stabilized soil mixing station, the other is concrete plant for sale.

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1. The finished product of stabilized soil mixing station is mainly used for the construction of roads, railways, airports and other traffic engineering projects, while that produced by the concrete batching plant is mainly used for the construction of various engineering buildings.

2. The requirements of the finished product produced by the concrete mixing plant are higher than that of the stabilized soil mixing plant.

3. The mixing host is different.The stabilized soil mixing plant uses a twin-shaft continuous non-liner mixer while the concrete mixing plant uses a JS twin-shaft concrete mixer.

4. Since the proportion of cement required for the production of stabilized soil is small, the number of cement silo is less, usually one or two cement silos.

5. The measurement method of stabilized soil mixing plant is usually dynamic measurement, while the concrete mixing plant uses static measurement method for production.


1. Both are suitable for the production of raw materials for engineering construction.

2. The raw material both include cement, sand, gravel,etc. They all need cement silo and mixing host.

3. The control system of the concrete plant for sale and soil cement plant can be semi-automatic and fully automatic with similar operating modes.

4. The concrete products produced by the two are divided into commercial type and engineering type, and different types of finished products have different judgment standards.

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