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What Is Soil Cement Plant

Apr 15, 2021

Another popular name of soil cement plant is stabilized soil mixing plant, an equipment for continuous production of base soil of roads. It can mix various ratios of stabilized soil such as crushed stone stabilized soil, lime/cement modified soil, ordinary stabilized soil,etc.

The working mode of the stabilized soil mixing plant is generally continuous, so its production efficiency is very high. According to the different equipment models, the production of stabilized soil can be 200- 800 ton/h. The models include WCB300, WCB400, WCB500, WCB600, WCB 700 and WCB800.

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The production methods of concrete batching plant are mostly of batch type, which emphasizes the precision of batching to ensure the quality of concrete. Therefore, soil cement plant and concrete mixing plant are two different types of equipment. The soil cement plant can’t produce concrete or commercial concrete.

The concrete batching plant can be used to mix stabilized soil. However, as a concrete batching plant manufacturer, we don’t recommend you to do so. It will bring great damage to the concrete batching plant. And the capacity of concrete mixing plant is much lower than that of soil cement mixing plant. Its common productivity is from 25 -180 tons/h.

In summary, it is recommended to use concrete mixing plant for the production of concrete and soil cement mixing plant for the production of stabilized soil. Haomei stabilized soil mixing plant is of high automation. Welcome to leave message to inquire what you need.

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