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Concrete Batch Plant for Sale VS Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

Apr 15, 2021

Nowadays, infrastructure construction has been an important part of the national economic development. The concrete batch plant for sale and soil cement plant are two completely different plan with similar parts.

The concrete batch plant for sale is mainly used for large and medium-sized water conservancy, electric power, bridge and other projects with large concrete works, long construction period and concentrated construction sites. The main host is twin shaft concrete mixer, which can mix a variety of concretes such as fluidity, semi-dry hardness and dry hardness.

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The concrete batch plant has many types: stationary concrete plant, mobile concrete plant, foundation-free concrete batch plant. Its common capacity is from 25 -180 ton/h. It is mainly made up of cement silo, batching machine, concrete mixer, control system, independent measuring system, etc.

The stabilized soil mixing plant is mainly used for the continuous production and mixing of stabilized soil for the construction of high-grade roads, urban and rural roads, airport runways, etc., and can also be used for the production of lime-soil stabilized layers and the production and mixing of compactable concrete.

It adopts unlined twin shaft concrete mixer with densely packed small blades according to special principle, so that the materials in the mixer move forward while turning over strongly to achieve the purpose of continuous mixing production. It consists of cement silos, metering and conveying equipment, and mixing equipment.

In addition, the measurement method of stabilized soil mixing plant is usually dynamic measurement, while the concrete mixing plant uses static measurement method for production. Haomei Machinery has both of them. Welcome to leave message below to inquire them.

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