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Stationary Concrete Plant VS Mobile Concrete Plant

Jan 16, 2020

Generally speaking, concrete batching plant refers to stationary concrete plant. It is mainly used to large scale concrete production. It is made up of concrete mixer, aggregate bins, cement silo, weighing system, electrical system, pneumatic system, aggregate lifting system and a control system.

If it is a commercial concrete batch plant, it must also have a floor scale and a commercial concrete laboratory. Although the systems of stationary concrete batch plant is a little complicated, it has a good working ability and coordination ability. This is what the mobile concrete plant can’t compare with.

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Mobile concrete plant is a good equipment for expanding business. It can be used to undertake temporary projects and produce concrete for their own use. The good mobility and special convenience makes it an ideal choice for renting. Mobile concrete batch plant is often seen at the construction site of long roads, high-speed rail projects and narrow regions.

Compared with the stationary concrete plant, the mobile concrete batch plant is a compact and simple concrete mix plant. Its aggregate bins, control room, belt conveyor, weighing system, line cables, wheels,etc all is installed on a chassis, which is equipped with a towing unit.

YHZS60 mobile cement plant.jpgTherefore, in addition to the basic equipment, the mobile mixing plant needs a tractor head, and the cement bin of the mobile mixing plant needs to be transported separately.

The portable concrete plant is of flexible movement and quick installment, which is its biggest advantages. Stationary concrete plant and mobile concrete plant has their own advantages. If you plant to buy a concrete plant, you can make choice according to your production capacity and your business plant. Haomei, as a concrete batching plant manufacturer, will give you the most economical solution for you.

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