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The Construction Industry Under the COVID-19

Apr 21, 2020

At the beginning of the global outbreak of Covid-19, many construction projects is stopped to reduce the gathering of people. With one month passing by, the global increase has the tendency to slow down.

In some countries, the resumption plan of production has been on schedule after the basic control of Covid-19. However, facing to the present difficulties such as the shortage of workers and the changing policies, what should the professionals in the construction do?

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If your projects is allowed to continue, the construction manager should take many precautions to protect the construction workers from the spread of infection, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), gloves, and increased hygiene.

If you plan to restart your your construction, having a knowledge of the present policies is better, which will contributes to the smooth resumption of your enterprises. In addition, the normal trade of construction equipment is also important for the normal operation of construction project.

As we all know, most construction equipment comes from China. With the almost complete control of the Covid-19, the construction equipment manufacturing in China is back to normal. So if you have some construction projects at hand, having a early purchasing plant will be better.

The self automation of the construction equipment will greatly decrease the infection risk of the workers. The self loading concrete mixer is an ideal choice for small and medium projects for one or two person is enough to finish the whole work from the loading to the discharging. Welcome to contact Haomei Machinery, self loading concrete mixer manufacturer to get a latest price.

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