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The Daily Operation of Cement Silo for Sale

Apr 07, 2021

The cement silo for sale is also called the cement tank. It has many components, of which the important ones are the steel structure of the silo body, the ladder, the guardrail, the feeding pipe, the dust collector, the pressure safety valve, the high and low level gauge and the discharge valve, etc.

The structure of the cement silo is cylindrical, and its entire silo body is supported by four round pipe legs at the bottom. The cement silo is all steel structure and all welded. On its top is installed a dust collector and a pressure safety valve. There are several tips for the daily operation of cement silo:

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1. In the process of installing the cement silo, it is not allowed to tilt the silo body, deform the outriggers and other abnormal phenomena.

2. The welding between the bottom of the leg and the embedded part of the foundation must be firm.

3. We should pay attention to the wind and lightning protection of the entire cement silo.

4. The cement attachment on the dust collector bag should be checked regularly and cleaned up in time.

5. The silo body foundation of the entire cement silo must be firm and comply with the relevant codes of architectural design.

6. For the vertical cement silo, it must be erected by a special crane, and then placed on the prefabricated concrete foundation, and check the verticality of the cement silo to the the horizontal plane after being erected, and then the bottom is welded firmly with the foundation embedded parts.

7. The cement is transported to the construction site by the bulk cement truck, and then the conveying pipeline of the bulk cement truck is connected with the feeding pipeline of the cement silo, and the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck is used to transfer the cement to the cement silo.

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