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The Cement Silo for HZS90 Stationary Concrete Plant

Apr 07, 2021

Different types of stationary concrete plants have different numbers of cement silos. How many cement silos do the HZS90 concrete batching plants need to be equipped with?

First of all, let's take a look at the factors that affect the number of cement silos in concrete mixing plants:

vertical cement silo.jpg

1. It is affected by the distance between the construction site of the concrete batching plant and the bulk cement plant. If there is long transportation distance, large daily production and tight construction period, more bulk cement silos must be purchased.

2. It is affected by users’ demand for concrete raw materials. In order to meet the large demand of cement in time, the stationary concrete batching plant needs to book a large amount of cement or fly ash. At this time, it is necessary to equip more cement silos.

Secondly, let's analyze the cement silo that HZS90 concrete mixing plant needs to be equipped with:

The theoretical productivity of HZS90 concrete batching plant s 90m³/h, the capacity of the mixer is 1500L, and the large batching capacity of the batching machine is 2400L. The common choice is 4 sets of 100 ton vertical cement silos. It is not fixed. You also can choose 2 sets of 200 ton silo and 1 set of 100 ton cement silo. This is mainly determined according to the specific conditions such as the type of concrete materials and the area of the mixing plant.

In addition, the distance is also an influencing factor for the cement silo numbers of the HZS90 concrete batching plant. If it is very close to the cement plant, it is enough to reserve a little less cement, otherwise you need to have more cement silos.

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