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The Design of Small Portable Asphalt Plant

Oct 12, 2020

In line with their functions, Haomei small portable asphalt plant also stresses the detail design, which can not only improve the beauty, but also make it easier to operate. Lets have a look together.

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Semantic design of spare parts

The product form reflects certain index and tells the operator how to use it. The design of asphalt mixing plant should rely on the semantic features of the product to guide the operation. For example: the shape of the door handle is used to indicate the correct direction of rotation of the door.

Man-machine design

The man-machine design is helpful for improving work efficiency, reducing training costs, increasing human resource utilization, reducing accidents and human errors, and increasing production efficiencyand user satisfaction.

One of the man-machine designs is the ladders and pedals. Its design not only meets ergonomic standards in terms of size, but also provides users with a safe and reliable psychological experience through materials, structure, non-slip and tactile sense. In actual use, the width, depth and steps of the pedal must conform to the human body size.

The non-slip patterns can ensure the safety of operators in various working environments. Haomei Machinery, hot mix asphalt plant manufacturer, dopts advanced ergonomics to build safety fences or nets for key parts and high-altitude operations.

The operating room and UI design

The humanized operating space can indeed bring convenience to the operator's work and rest, and can bring a sense of intimacy to the operator, and enhance the emotional connection between the operator and the product and the company.

The console, as the core component of the control room, satisfies human-computer interaction, with reasonable button positions, excellent materials and excellent touch. The design of the operation panel mainly includes instrument display design (current, voltage, temperature, etc.), signal display design (over-temperature warning light, material shortage warning light, overload warning light), fluorescent screen display design (display screen angle, ratio, brightness, etc.),etc.

Haomei Machinery attaches great importance to the added value of industrial design and adopts green design based on ecological protection and protection of human beings, combined with ecological theory, providing operators with the best operation experience. Welcome to leave message below to inquire mobile asphalt plant price.

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