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The ECO-friendly Design of Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

Oct 09, 2020

A superior asphalt plant always pay attention to the environmental protection. In the last article, we mainly introduce some ECO-friendly designs of cold aggregate supply system, ashpalt supply system and asphalt mixing system. The following content is about the ECO-friendly design of other parts.

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The powder recycling system

1. The old powder is humidified and discharged into the dust collection room. After humidifying and mixing, the old powder changes from powder to mud or semi mud, which reduces pollution and is easy to clean.

2. A dust removal pipe is installed above the dust collection room to form a negative pressure environment. The powder that is not fully humidified and mixed enters the bag filter through the pipe.

3. The old powder can be completely recycled and reused after humidification, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

The dust removal system

This stationary asphalt mixing plant is equipped with 2 more bag dust collectors for better environmental protection effect. One is for collecting the dust generated when cold aggregate is poured into the grading machine; the other is for the collection of dust in the mixing system during the production process.

The central control system

  • The automatic control system uses the self-weighing sensor to grasp the amount of material in each hot bin in real time to automatically match it with the cold aggregate, ensuring that the storage volume in the hot aggregate bin is close to zero at the end of production.

  • It can avoid a large amount of dust caused by the discharge of remaining hot aggregate at the end of production.

Production and operation process

  • The production cycle time is shortened and the production efficiency is improved. This is the largest environmental protection design.

  • Asphalt tracks the "oil-stone ratio" in real time, and adopts volume reduction measurement method to greatly improve the accuracy of dynamic measurement.

  • Using noise reduction, sound insulation, shock absorption and other measures in the places where the equipment generates noise significantly reduce noise emissions.

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