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The Development History of Chinese Boom Pump Truck

Jan 11, 2024

China boom pump trucks have gone through four stages of development. The first stage was in 1977, when China boom pump truck factory developed its own pump; the second stage was in 1982, which ended the history of my country's inability to mass-produce; the third stage was in 2007. China's construction engineering field is firmly at the commanding heights of the world; the fourth stage is 2012, and China has formed an absolute advantage in the field of concrete pump trucks.

The new concrete pump trucks are mainly used for one-time pouring of ultra-large and ultra-thick foundation concrete and projects with high quality requirements that require large amounts of concrete pouring. Its type is defined as a machine that installs both the concrete pump and the hydraulic folding boom on the chassis of a car or trailer, lays a delivery pipe along the boom, and finally outputs concrete through the end hose. Since the boom has luffing, folding and rotating functions, the material can be distributed within the reach of the boom.

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China's export volume of concrete pump trucks is greater than its import volume, which shows that China's concrete pump trucks are not dependent on imports. According to data, China's export volume of concrete pump trucks has shown an overall upward trend, rising from 567 units in 2014 to 896 units in 2021. In the future the export volume of concrete pump trucks will increase with the increase in demand.

In the future, the main development directions of concrete pumps are: improving concrete pump operating efficiency, reducing usage costs, improving comfort, and adapting to regulatory requirements.

Main hydraulic system

At present, there are three types of mainstream pumping hydraulic systems in China. One is an open system with fully hydraulic signal reversal and electronically controlled oil pump displacement adjustment; the second is an open system with electrical signal reversal and hydraulic oil pump displacement adjustment, which has almost become the standard configuration of most domestic concrete pump trailer; the third is a closed system. The closed system has high cost but small reversing impact. It is currently mainly used on pump trucks and has basically been eliminated on concrete pump trailer.

Intelligent management system

In addition to radio remote control of the boom, electronic control systems will be increasingly used in concrete pump trucks. At present, the electronic control of concrete pumps can already realize complex control functions and intelligent functions, including intelligent buffer commutation technology, which reduces noise, impact, and jitter of the boom and tail hose, prolongs the service life of the boom, and improves operating comfort.

Each function of the concrete pump, including boom and pumping control, is intelligently managed by a central computer and coordinated with electronically controlled concrete mixer trucks to achieve fleet management of pump trucks and mixer trucks to maximize the efficiency of operations.

Boom system

The concrete boom pump is developing towards more complete specifications, higher grades, larger pumping displacement, and longer booms. In the past, the pumping displacement of pump trucks was mostly around 120m3/h. In the future, the pumping displacement of large pump trucks will generally reach more than 160m3/h or even 200m3/h. The concrete pump truck reach will mainly be 42-45 meter. The length of booms above 48m has also attracted market attention.

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