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Two Types of Small Portable Cement Batch Plant

Jan 09, 2024

The price advantage of the small concrete batching plant is a key factor to occupy the concrete mixing equipment market. Among them, the portable cement batch plant relies on its flexibility and mobility to dominate small construction projects. Mobile concrete batching plants are ideal for short-term construction projects. These facilities have smaller capacities than stationary concrete batching plants. portable cement batch plant.jpg

Portable concrete batch plant

It consists of concrete mixing devices, aggregate feeding systems, cement silos, water supply systems, and control systems. Some mobile concrete batching plants may have additional components such as additive feeders or automatic concrete batching systems. The chosen concrete mixer is twin shaft concrete mixer.

One of the biggest advantages of mobile concrete batching plants is their mobility. This makes them easy to use on construction sites where concrete is required. In addition, the investment cost and operating cost of a mobile concrete mixing plant are lower than that of a fixed concrete mixing plant.

Mobile concrete batching plants are also very reliable when it comes to the quality of concrete they produce. The concrete features high strength, durability and low water permeability. However, due to some environmental factors, such as landscaping and emission control, mobile concrete batching plants must comply with local legal regulations. In addition, mobile concrete batching plants may require some infrastructure utilities, such as access to suitable water and energy at the operating site.

Mobile drum concrete mixing plant

Its concrete mixer is drum concrete mixer. It is ideal for customers who need concrete, especially in tight spaces, with a limited budget, or own small construction projects. Mobile drum concrete mixing plants are operated by small businesses that mainly focus on concrete production. These plants produce concrete mixtures using materials such as cement, water, sand and aggregates. The quality and properties of concrete depend on the quality, quantity and proportions of the materials used.

Mobile drum concrete mixing plants are small pieces of equipment that can be easily transported and brought to construction sites. It improves work efficiency and reduces costs by improving the quality of concrete used in small construction projects. Additionally, when working in confined spaces or hard-to-reach places, a mobile drum concrete batching plant can be an ideal solution for such projects where larger batching plants are not available.

How to choose a site for concrete batching plant

Firstly, it is convenient to use water, which can save the production time of the concrete mixing station; secondly, it is convenient to use electricity, because the mechanical equipment of the concrete mixing station requires electricity to work; the third is to facilitate transportation. Because concrete mixing stations are generally used in engineering construction, the concrete produced must be transported to the required construction site. Convenient transportation is to facilitate the transportation of concrete. Welcome to leave message below to inquire small rmc plant price.

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