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What Is The Best Concrete Mixer Machine

Jan 16, 2024

For machines with diverse types and models like the RMC mixer, choosing the one that suits you is undoubtedly a big problem. So how do we choose the appropriate concrete mixer model in construction projects?

There are roughly four types on the market today: JZC drum-type gear transmission mixer, JZM drum-type friction transmission mixer, JDC single shaft concrete mixer and JS twin shaft concrete mixer.

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JZC drum concrete mixer

1. Main models: JZC250, JZC350, JZC500, etc.

2. Working principle: The drum rotates to drive the sand and gravel materials, and relies on the gravity of the sand and gravel itself to drive it to a high place and fall freely to achieve the purpose of mixing.

3. Applicability: It can mix plastic, dry and hard concrete and various mortars. It is suitable for construction sites, prefabricated component factories, general roads, bridges, etc.

4. Advantages: It is movable, compact and lightweight, easy to relocate, which is suitable for small mixing projects.

JZM rotary concrete mixer

1. Main models: JZM350, JZM500, JZM750, etc.

2. Working principle: The drum rotates on its own axis and uses the blades in the drum to continuously mix.

3. Applicability: It can mix plastic, semi-dry and hard materials, and is suitable for small and medium-sized projects such as roads, bridges, water conservancy, and construction sites.

4. Advantages: low noise and fast feeding speed.

JDC single shaft concrete mixer

1. Main models: JDC350, JDC500, etc.

2. Working principle: It relies on the continuous rolling of the mixing shaft and mixing arm. The concrete materials do the free fall and circular motion. The mixing materials are continuously and fully integrated to achieve the mixing effect.

3. Applicable situations: dry hard concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, etc.

4. Advantages: short mixing time, low wear, low noise and simple maintenance.

JS twin shaft concrete mixer

1. Main models: JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, JS4000, etc.

2. Working principle: Several sets of mixing blades in the mixing drum are staggered, and the materials are automatically and forcefully mixed by the large mixing shaft, so that the mixture is quickly and fully mixed in the drum.

3. Applicability: It can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate and various mortars, etc. It has a wide range of use and is suitable for various large, medium and small engineering concrete plants and commercial concrete mixing plants, water conservancy, roads and precast plants.

The customer can choose one type according to the mixing speed and construction period requirements of the concrete mixer, the material composition, the designed concrete type and the composition characteristics and consistency of the concrete. Among these four types, the twin shaft mixer is the best concrete mixer machine. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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