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The ECO-friendly Wet Batch Concrete Plant

Jul 06, 2020

With the continuous advancement of urban modernization, the demand for commercial concrete is increasing. The investment in wet batch concrete plant is of broad prospect. However, with the strict environmental protection policy in the local region, the installation of wet mix concrete plant need to choose ECO-friendly equipment and consider reasonable arrangement.


Compared with the traditional wet mix concrete plant, the ECO-friendly concrete plant has the following improvements:

1. The discharge door of the concrete mixer is riven by an imported hydraulic system. Compared with the traditional driving method, it has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth operation, and accurate opening positioning.

In addition, the machine is equipped with multiple shaft ends and wind pressure seal protection devices, preventing the leakage of concrete.

2. The batching machine is equipped with a more advanced electrical control system, which realizes the automation of weighing, display and batching procedures. In addition, the weighing device has also been upgraded to a certain extent. It is equipped with a suspension device and a more accurate weighing sensor, which makes the material ratio more accurate.

3. The control system has strict management of each step from the ratio of raw material to the finished products , solving the synchronization of the information of different departments, effectively solving the unclear production schedules during concrete production, quality and transportation.

As a big concrete batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery can provide a special solution for each customer according to your requirements.

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