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The Four Advantages of Concrete Mixer And Pump for Sale

Jan 14, 2021

The concrete mixer and pump for sale has greatly increased the speed of new buildings in rural areas. Since it can mix and pump concrete at the same time, it contributes to the saving of labor cost. The concrete quality is also much higher. Haomei mobile concrete mixer with pump has the four advantages:

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1. Time saving, labor saving and cost saving

The concrete discharge speed of the concrete mixer and pump is is unmatched by manual mixing of concrete. Moreover, with two functions in one, it needs less workers. It is also of simple operation which has low requirements on the workers.

2. Powerful pumping ability

Haomei mobile concrete mixer with pump can pump to the sixth or seventh floor, about 20-30 meter. Its concrete pumping pressure is about 10 MPa. Its pumping ability can fully satisfy the needs of the common high-rising buildings.

3. Easy transfer and operation

Since the concrete mixer with pump combines two functions, it is easier to transfer one set than two sets of construction equipment. In addition, it is of compact structure and wheels, it can be trucked to another construction site.

4. High safety and high efficiency

The safety of Haomei concrete mixer and pump is that there will be no accidents when using it and it will not bring harms to the construction personnel. It has extremely low failure rate. With quick discharging speed and seamless pumping, it greatly improves the whole construction efficiency. Welcome to leave message below to inquire concrete mixer pump price.

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