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Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant VS Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Jan 26, 2021

The asphalt mixing plant has two types: continuous asphalt mixing plant and batch type hot mix plant. Which one to choose if you have a plan to buy one? Each have its own features. Let’s have a look together.

The key factor in choosing the right type of asphalt plant is based on project requirements. In detail, the capacity and the quality of the finished asphalt are critical. Haomei Machinery has helped many customers at home and abroad to make correct decisions on the selection of asphalt equipment types and accumulated rich experience. There are our some tips.


Advantage of batch type hot mix plant

1. Accurate weighing, precise screening and ratio. Therefore, the finished asphalt mixture is of good quality.

2. The batch mix asphalt plant is of high efficiency. The single batch cycle is about 45 seconds. The hourly output can reach 400 t/h.

3. As the asphalt mixture formula produced by batch hot mix plant can be easily adjusted, various asphalt mixtures can be produced.

4. It has a wide range of applications, including highways, airports, national highways, urban roads and rural roads.

5. It is of simple operation. Most of our batch mix asphalt plant is of automatic control. If you have special requirements, we also support customized need.

Features of continuous asphalt mixing plant

1. For the continuous asphalt mixing plant, it produce asphalt mixture in a consistent operation mode once it starts. Aggregate drying, heating and mixing are all carried out in the drum. Therefore, asphalt drum plant is of a simple structure, less land and less maintenance costs.

2. Due to the lack of precision screening, it requires precise control of aggregate supply in the initial stages of production.

3. Generally, the capacity of continuous asphalt plant varies between 20t/h and 100t/h.

4. Compared with batch type hot mix plant, asphalt drum mixing plant needs less initial investment.

Generally speaking, batch type hot mix plants are most suitable for large and medium-sized road construction projects that require high-quality asphalt mixtures. The continuous asphalt mixing plant is suitable for small and medium-sized road construction projects with tight investment.

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