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The Highlight of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Apr 26, 2021

The self loading concrete mixer is a concrete mixer truck suitable for small-scale engineering construction, which integrates self loading, weighing, mixing, transportation and discharging. It adopts high-power diesel engine and hydraulic torque converter to ensure the power required for walking and mixing at the same time.

The self loading concrete mixer consists of walking chassis, engine, hydraulic torque converter, front and rear four-wheel drive, feeding device, feeding hopper, unloading hopper, extended unloading hopper, frame, mixing tank, planetary reducer for mixing, hydraulic system,electronic control system and automatic water supply system.steering wheel.jpgHow to distinguish the quality of self loading mixer from different manufacturers? In addition to the basic function, we need to pay attention to the design details. These tiny details will finally affect the efficiency of the self loading mixer as a whole. Take Haomei self loading concrete mixer for example.

Steering wheel

Some drivers may meet such occasion: the steering wheel is slipping because of sweaty palm or the other hand is not available for operating the steering wheel. In order to ensure safer and more convenient operation, we improve the steering wheel with an extra handle(shown in picture).

fan.jpgCooling Device

Since our self loading transit mixer has broad market in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle Aisa, where the hot days accounts for more than a half of year, we pay attention to the cooling device. There are two cooling devices for the customers to choose from: fan or air conditioner.

Feeding Device

The feeding device of Haomei self loading mixer is a hydraulic shovel. There is a blade on the inside of shovel, which can easily cut the cement bag. There is also a weight sensor that works with the control system in the cab to ensure the accurate ratio of each material. In addition, the hydraulic shovel can completely feed the raw material into the mixing drum without any residue due to the door at the lower end of the shovel.four wheel drive.jpgDischarging

Haomei self loading mixer not only can discharge over walking, but also can discharge with 270 degrees around the truck body. This is a very practical design especially in narrow construction sites such as rural or mountain roads.

Four Wheel Drive

Many self loading mixers can’t realize real four wheel drive,which will greatly affects its driving performance in narrow construction sites. As we all know, four wheel drive can minimize the turning radius. A small turning radius ensure the self loading transit mixer come and go smoothly.


The self loading mixer is designed for complex road conditions. Good gradeability is very necessary for this construction equipment. Haomei self loading mixer can easily pass the slope of 45 degrees.

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