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What’s Function of Variable Frequency Speed Device in Soil Cement Plant

Apr 20, 2021

The soil cement plant consists of aggregate feeding system, stabilizer feeding system, water supply system, mixing system, finished product transportation and storage system, control system and other parts.

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Aggregate system: It is made up of aggregate bin, weighing system and feeding belt. The silos can be configured according to requirements, such as two silos, three silos, four silos, and six silos. These are all flexibly configured according to actual needs.

Mixing system: It is a twin-shaft continuous mixer, featuring uniform mixing, high mixing efficiency and good mixing quality.

Stabilizer feeding system: It is used to store cement and lime powder and other materials, which are conveyed to the mixer through the conveying device and mixed with the aggregate at the same time.

Water supply system: A certain amount of water and additives need to be added during the mixing process.

Finished product storage system: After the mixer completes the mixing, the finished product is conveyed to the storage system through the conveyor. When in use, the stabilized soil is loaded into the transport vehicle through the discharge door of the storage system.

Control system: The control system can effectively manage and control each system.

The frequency conversion speed regulation device of the stabilized soil mixing station is a key part. Energy saving can be achieved through variable frequency speed regulation, because the power of the motor of the stabilized soil mixing station in the variable frequency speed regulation mode is proportional to the third power of its speed, so considerable savings can be obtained when the frequency converter is used for speed regulation. Welcome to leave message below to inquire stabilized soil mixing plant price.

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