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What Is Structure of Self Loading Concrete Mixer?

Apr 27, 2021

The self loading concrete mixer machine is a construction equipment that combines the functions of concrete truck and concrete mixing plant. It can self load, weight, mix, transport and discharge by itself. Equipped with a hydraulic electronic scale, it can accurately measure the stones and sand when loading, and automatically quantify the water, so that the concrete ratio is more standard.

Its powerful function is indispensable from its reasonable structure. Haomei self loading mixer is made up of walking chassis, engine, hydraulic torque converter, front and rear four-wheel drive, loading device, feed hopper, discharge hopper, extended discharge hopper, frame, mixing tank, mixing special planetary reducer, hydraulic system, electronic control system, automatic water supply system and other components(as shown in the picture).

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1. Hydraulic oil tank (left), diesel tank (right) 2. Rear drive wheel 3. Turntable 4. Water tank 5. Mixing tank support 6. Front drive wheel 7. Pull rod 8. Lifting cylinder for boom 9. Connecting arm 10. Main boom 11. Hopper 12. Hopper gate cylinder 13. Retractable hopper cylinder 14. Cab 15. Discharging funnel 16. Mixing tank 17. Mixing tank cylinder 18. Mixing tank reducer 19. Hydraulic motor 20. Hood

Walking System

The power of walking system is from the engine through the torque converter, front and rear drive shafts to the front and rear axles. The hydraulic steering four-wheel drive mode is adopted, which greatly reduces the turning radius and is more suitable for narrow construction site.

The hydraulic torque converter is used to reduce the impact on the engine and prolong the life of the engine. The stepless variable speed electric control valve is convenient to control.

Mixing Drum

The rotation of the mixing tank is driven by a hydraulic motor through a special planetary reducer. The output shaft of the planetary reducer can swing at a certain angle to meet the beating of the mixing tank under bad road conditions. The mixing tank of the self loading concrete mixer machine is equipped with a speed control valve, which can accurately control the mixing speed of the mixing tank.

Self Load and Discharge

The feeding hopper is installed obliquely to ensure smooth feeding. The discharging trough used for discharging can be rotated and fixed in place by a locking mechanism. The extended trough used to lengthen the length of the discharge chute can be folded and placed in its fixed position, and fixed on the discharge chute with a hook.

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