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The Lightweight Design from China Concrete Boom Pump Truck Factory

May 10, 2023

The concrete boom truck consist of the chassis, the upper part and the boom. The boom provides the power for the whole vehicle; the upper part is to support the whole vehicle during operation; the boom system is mainly used to support the pump pipe through which the concrete will be transported to the construction pouring point.

The heavier the boom is, the more work will be done to deploy the boom, and the oil pump of the boom will output greater pressure. From the law of energy conservation, the energy consumption of the engine will inevitably increase. According to relevant data, for every 1% weight reduction of the boom, the fuel consumption of the engine can be reduced by about 0.8%-1.1%. Therefore, the boom is not as heavy as possible. In terms of the composition of the boom, it is mainly composed of three parts: the boom, the oil cylinder and the pump pipe. Therefore, if the boom of the pump truck wants to lose weight, it must also start from these three aspects.

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Lightweight boom

As the most important structural part of a pump truck, the quality of the boom is the key to measuring the quality of a pump truck, because the service life of the boom directly determines the service life of the pump truck. Therefore, the design of the boom of the pump truck has always been a technical task.

The lightweight of the boom can mainly start with structural optimization and high-strength lightweight materials. The use of ultra-high-strength steel is an important development direction for the lightweight boom. Haomei concrete pump truck for sale uses 1100Mpa ultra-high-strength steel.

Lightweight oil cylinder

Compared with the weight of the boom, the weight of the oil cylinder is indeed very light. However, if the boom want toe realize lightweight, the lightweight of the oil cylinder must also be included. Some foreign companies use high-strength aluminum alloy materials on the cylinder barrel of the oil cylinder to achieve the purpose of weight reduction.

Among domestic brands, 7075 high-strength aluminum alloy materials are also used in the boom hydraulic cylinders of Sany pump trucks, while Elephant uses carbon fiber composite (CFRP) hydraulic cylinders (made of high-strength lightweight aluminum alloys and carbon fiber reinforced materials).

Lightweight pump tube

The pump tube itself is a vulnerable part. In the case of the same material, the thicker the pump tube, the longer the service life. However, the heavier the pump tube, the more burden it will be for the concrete pump truck. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the same service life and pressure resistance of the pump tube, it is definitely hoped that the thickness of the pump tube should be thinner and lighter. To achieve the same service life, the wall of the pump tube must be thinner. In addition to using better wear-resistant materials, the production process needs to be improved.

Generally speaking, the lightweight of the boom mainly starts with the material, whether it is the boom, the oil cylinder or the pump tube. The key is to obtain higher performance materials. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the cost of concrete pump truck.

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